Urs Twellmann (Switzerland)

Swiss-based sculptor Urs Twellmann uses a chainsaw as a chisel to carve wood. His dexterity with this typically loud and unwieldy machine is masterful. Stranded Aliens is composed of a single tree found on the Milkwood trail, sliced into 70 discs. Into each of these circles, Twellmann carved shallow vessels that can hold water. Twellmann positioned these bowls in a variety of locations in the shallow waters of the Piesang River Lagoon and along the beaches of Plettenberg Bay, assembling them in different temporary constellations. He documented Stranded Aliens in a number of guises with his camera, capturing the reflections of the sky as well as the change in currents that the water undergoes as it washes over the basins. Travelling frequently, Twellmann finds his inspiration in the materials that he discovers in situ. Many of his interventions only last a moment or two. Using documentary photography helps to bridge the gap between the remote and varied locations of his art and sharing it with a wider audience.

  • Urs Twellmann Photographs