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Elizabeth Olivier-Kahlau


'Los' by Angus Taylor. Site_Specific 2011 Land Art Event Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. Photograph by Elizabeth Olivier-Kahlau.

Many of the images displayed on our website, particularly our backgrounds, were captured by acclaimed photographer Elizabeth Olivier-Kahlau at the 2011 event. Site_Specific wishes to thank her for capturing a fleeting experience – allowing us to share the spirit of our endeavour.

"Photographer, Elizabeth Olivier-Kahlau, was invited to Site_Specific to document the artwork. To best record the fifteen Land Art works on display at Site_Specific, she often woke at dawn to utilise the morning’s soft light. In many instances, the artists collaborated with Olivier-Kahlau to explore different aspects of their work. A photograph freezes a moment. Her sensitive images capture the essence of the temporary installations that were created. At times, her photographs add another layer of meaning to the art." Meredith Randall, Site_Specific 2011 catalogue.

Short bio

With her instinct for beautiful images, Elizabeth Olivier-Kahlau lent her observant eye to Site_Specific to create sensitive images of the art work. Shocking the wedding industry with her approach to photographing weddings, Olivier-Kahlau became the first ever wedding photographer to achieve a gold award at the famous Profoto Awards. In 1997 she was awarded the Fuji ProFoto Photographic Award image of the year, as well as the Kodak Wedding Photographer of the Year award in 1999. Olivier-Kahlau has won over 60 professional photographic awards in the categories people, fine art, fashion and weddings. Olivier-Kahlau is also sought after by collectors of photography. Regularly exhibiting since 2000, her exhibitions have received critical acclaim in London, New York and South Africa.


Elizabeth Olivier-Kahlau, Site_Specific 2011