Gabriele Meneguzzi and Vincenzo Sponga

Upon arriving in Plettenberg Bay, Italian artists Gabriele Meneguzzi and Vincenzo Sponga stated their desire to repair the land. They decided to weave a literal thread, to metaphorically bridge divides – at local, national and continental levels. They used local grasses and spun their thread. Using a piece of driftwood as their needle, they sewed a gap in the sand of Central Beach. Standing on top of boulders that surrounded the artwork on three sides it seemed like their work could bridge continents. Utilising whimsy and imagination, Meneguzzi and Sponga demonstrate the power of art. On the opening day an 8-year old boy remarked he wasn’t sure if the thread was strong enough to stop the continents from drifting apart.

  • Gabriele Meneguzzi and Vincenzo Sponga Photographs