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The Land Art Biennale event includes public programmes for visitors and participants to engage in during the week of 10 - 17 August 2013. As artists are working on setting up their various land art installations, visitors will be able to observe their progress and attend public lectures and performances. Visitors can also register and participate in Site_Specific's Public Programmes. Also visit our Community Projects page for more calendar events and insights into the various community projects taking place before and during this event.

Please note that these programmes are subject to change depending on funding and public interest. To keep track of updates and developments, join our Site_Specific Land Art Biennale 2013 facebook event page.

Play an ACTIVE role in making this Biennale the best, and PLETT the LAND ART DESTINATION in Africa! Site_Specific thanks you for your participation!

Hannelie Coetzee is one of the 2011 artists that have been invited back in 2013 to provide a sense of continuity and experience between both land art events. Here she is in the process of installing 'Familie Portret' (Family Portret) at Lookout Beach in Plettenberg Bay using selected stones with bands of quartz. Photo: Elizabeth Olivier-Kahlau.

Hannelie Coetzee is one of the 2011 artists that have been invited back in 2013 to provide a sense of continuity and experience between both land art events. Here she is in the process of installing 'Familie Portret' (Family Portrait) at Lookout Beach in Plettenberg Bay using selected stones with bands of quartz. Photo: Elizabeth Olivier-Kahlau.

Invited Artists / 10 - 17 August 2013

Saturday to Saturday

20 International, national, and local artists are participating in the 2013 Land Art Biennale event in Plettenberg Bay. Members of the public will be able to observe and document the artists' progress as the land art works are completed over the course of the week.

Invited Artists bios
- Site-Specfic Land Art Biennale 2013
- Site_Specific Biennale 2013 Launches in Johannesburg

Selected_SIDES Artists / 10 - 17 August 2013

Saturday to Saturday

In addition to the official guest artists, Site_Specific  invited proposals for contemporary site specific land art works with a focus on using natural materials. Out of these proposals, 20 artists were selected to participate.

Information, contacts & costs
- Call for Proposals [closed for 2013]
2013 Selected_SIDES Artists
- List of Artists

Land Art Photography Competition / 10 - 25 August 2013


Site_Specific is running a land art photography competition. Anyone can upload their own original photographs of art and activities relating to the Site_Specific International Land Art Biennale on Pinterest using the #LandArtBiennale hashtag.

Unveiling: Calling the Herd / 11 August 2013

Sunday, 10h30, R339 & R340 crossroads, Prince Alfred Pass

OFFIICIAL LAUNCH This exciting interactive land art work by Strijdom van der Merwe forms part of the Eden to Addo Land Art Route in the Keurbooms Corridor. It consists of several trumpet-like funnels combined in a tree shape. Visitors can blow these trumpets - recalling the sounds of elephants on their ancient migration route across the mountains and symbolically calling the last remaining wild elephants in the Eden forest to once again tread the ancient migration routes and join their family in the Addo National Park. Symbolically this art work also relates to the three elephant sculptures of 'Aartmoeders' by Simon Max Bannister - calling them (and all humans that can hear the call) to join in the Eden to Addo journey towards re-establishing nature's ancient routes for all species.

- TWO QUESTIONS interview with Andrew van der Merwe

Kranshoek Griqua Bazaar / 11 August 2013

Sunday, 12h00, Kranshoek

From Strijdom van der Merwe's 'Calling the Herd', we travel across to Simon Max Bannister's 'Aartmoeders', a stone land art installation at Kranshoek symbolising the Knysna elephants. The Kranshoek Griqua community will be laying on a traditional bazaar with food and music. Come and enjoy a special day with the invited artists from Korea, Germany and South Africa!

Public Lecture Series / 13 - 15 August

Tue, Wed, Thurs, 19h30, Beacon Island Resort

All Land Art enthusiasts are invited to witness the art making processes on the beaches of Plettenberg Bay during the day, and to join the artists in the evenings at the Beacon Island Resort for free public lectures where invited artists discuss their work and process.

Eco-Art Walk / 13 & 14 August 2013

Tuesday & Wednesday

Nature's Valley to Keurboomsstrand

The Eco Land Art Walk from Nature's Valley to Keurbooms organised by Simon Max Bannister is one of Site_Specific's 2013 programmes for members of the public to participate in during the land art event in Plett.

Simon Max Bannister was a 2011 Site_Specific participant, and developed the Eco-Art Walk concept with Galeo Saintz. Simon and Galeo are guiding a two-day 'Walk, Learn, and Create Land Art' ecological adventure along a pristine and varied coastal route from Nature's Valley to Keurboomsstrand.  A professional photographer will be be documenting the experience and the land art works created.

- Eco Land Art Walk PDF
To book, pay & finalise arrangements contact
- Land Art & Ecology - Kinship between humans and living Earth
- Facilitated Land Art Walk
- Understanding Land Art

Land Art Photography Workshop / 14 - 16 August 2013

Wednesday to Friday

Daron Chatz, Anja Wiehl, and Vanessa Van Vreden are professional photographers with 50 years of collective experience between them. Daron, Anja, and Vanessa are presenting an inspiring and appropriate three-day introduction to the artistic and technical aspects of land art photography as a guide to visitors and participants of Site_Specific's 2013 Land Art Biennale event.

- Photography Workshop pamphlet
To book, pay & finalise arrangements contact

Land Art on View / 16 August 2013

Friday, 10h00 - 14h00, Plett Beaches

All land art installations are completed and ready for viewing by the public. Artists will be at their respective land art works to answer questions and talk about their work.

Seity performance[art] group / 16 August 2013

Friday, 17h00, The Timbershed, Meeding Street

Seity is deconstructing the myth of Icarus in a travelling performance with the winged wo/men in the Timbershed and then following drummers who lead the way to the beach and beyond. Icarus symbolises the romantic notions of aspirations, and big dreams. Fire is used to cleanse and mesmerise, with the trans-dance feeling along the stretch of the beach towards the Beacon Island Resort for the Land Art Party. The site of the Timbershed will be used for the light at dusk that plays with the shapes and spaces of the remains of the building.

Siety performance[art] group founded by Janine Lewis and Melodia Schoeman

SEITY (meaning ‘with something peculiar to one self’) is a performance[art] company started by Janine Lewis (left) and Melodie Schoeman, and strives to present original and exciting collaborative performances that activate space/s.


Land Art Party / 16 August 2013

Friday, 18h30, Beacon Island Resort

Buy your party ticket for R100 at the Beacon Island Resort reception, and join the artists in this celebration of Land Art with a LIVE BAND!

Beach Calligraphy Workshop / 17 August 2013


Beach-calligraphy03b_Andrew-van-der-MerweAndrew van der Merwe, a well-known beach calligraphy artist and 2011 Site_Specific participant, is presenting a unique one-day introduction to the tools and techniques of mark-making, pattern-making, and calligraphy in sand.

- Beach Galligraphy Workshop PDF
To book, pay & finalise arrangements contact

- Writing in Sand

Opening Ceremony / 17 August 2013

Saturday, 10h00, Beacon Island Resort

The Western Cape Minister of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism, Alan Winde, officially opens Site_Specific's 2nd International Land Art Biennale for public viewing. The Phakimisani Primary School Choir from Kwanokuthula will be singing at the event.

Sula Inyembezi Performance / 17 August 2013

Saturday, 12h00, the Old Dairy, Kwanokuthula

Sula Inyembezi (wipe your tears) is an interactive performance facilitated by the Seity performance[art] group in collaboration with Lunchbox Theatre, Bitou Brothers Acapella Choir, and youths from various communities in the area.

- Read more …

Land Art Installations / 18 - 25 August 2013

Sunday to Sunday, Plettenberg Bay beaches

Once the artists leave town their land art installations will remain on view until nature and their surrounding communities reclaim them. Site_Specific's Land Art Photography competition will remain open until the end of this period to allow for continued documentation.