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08_ARTIST_Ko-Seung-hyun_picKo, Seung-hyun (Korea) is a founding member of YATOO, a Korean Nature Artists’ Association, which began in 1981 and has participated in more than 30 international nature art festivals since 1991. Since 2002 he has continuously installed ‘Kayageum’ based on the concept of ‘The Sound of A Hundred Years’. He is currently the committee leader for the Geumgang Nature Art Biennale. Ko is also working as a chief commissioner of the 2014-2018 Global Nomadic Art Project.

Ko’s most recent solo exhibition in 2013 was titled ‘The Sound of Hundred Years’ and took place at the Vilnius Kayageum (EUROPOS PARKAS), the Open-Air Art Museum in Lithuania. In 2015 Ko participated in the 2004-2015 Geumgang Nature Art Biennale (Gongju, Korea) and the 2014-2015 Global Nomadic Art Project – Korea (Gongju, Korea).

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10_ARTIST_Jasmine-LeeLee, Jae-eun (Korea) has conducted 13 YATOO Nature Art Workshops and is the 2014-2016 Manager of GNAP-Korea. She currently works as an International Cooperation Manager of the Geumgang Nature Art Biennale and a project manager of the Global Nomadic Art Project – Korea 2014-2018. She has been involved in GNAP’s facilitation of international art tours in South Korea (2014 & 2015), India (2015) and South Africa (2016). In December 2016 GNAP will visit Iran, and plans are underway for visits to Europe, Britain and America in 2017 and 2018.

Lee, Jae-eun holds a bachelor’s degree in communication design in advertising and a master’s degree in art education. She plans and lectures on nature art education programs.

09_ARTIST_Kim-Soon-im_picKim, Soon-im (Korea)  lives in Incheon and works at the Incheon Art Platform (IAP). She lectures soft sculpture at Ewha Woman’s University and mixed media art at Konkuk University of South Korea.

Apart from numerous solo exhibitions, Kim, Soon-im participates in many group exhibitions. Last year she was part of the following Korean exhibitions: ‘Between Houses’ at the Uri Museum in Incheon; ‘Sharing Footsteps’ at the Youngeun Museum, Gyenggido Goangju; and ‘Winter and Bukhangang’ at the Baggat Art Daesungri Exhibition, Daesungri. In Seoul she participated in ‘Mindful Mindless’ at the SoMA Museum; ‘Accidental Encounter’ at the Buk Seoul Museum of Art; ‘Ewha Portfolio 2015’ at the Sunggok Museum; and ‘2114 KNOTS’ at the Atelier Turning.

Besides this impressive list of engagements Kim also participated in the Global Nomadic Art Project 2014 that took place in Korea.

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05_ARTIST_Eröss-IstvánEröss, István (Hungary) is an associate professor at Eszterházy College in Eger and Director of the Visual Arts Institute. He graduated from the Hungarian University of Fine Arts in 1995 as a printmaker, and attended institutions such as the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, the Royal Academy of Art (The Hague) and the College of Fine Arts in Marseille. He has traveled to Africa on four previous occasions and has visited Asia 21 times as a guest artist, exhibitor, lecturer or curator at different artists’ camps and symposia. István is the exhibitor and organiser of a series of international exchange exhibitions entitled Szegmens (Segments).

Over the last decade his primary focus has been on Nature Art, presenting a paper titled ‘Ephemeral Sculpture’ as part of the YATOO-i International Nature Art Seminar in 2015. In it he investigates the history and commodification of the art object in relation to sculpture in particular.

István’s long list of solo shows since 2010 include exhibitions in Romania, Japan, Croatia and Hungary. His work can be found in art collections in Germany, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Taiwan, France, The Netherlands, South Korea, China, Iran and India.

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03_ARTIST_Mahmoud-MaktabiMahmoud Maktabi (Iran) began his first artistic study in Persian painting in 1999. After graduating from the University of Tehran he turned to environmental art and performance in 2005. He has participated in several international exhibitions and festivals, attending 17 environmental art festivals in Iran. As curator his most recent engagement was Living Spaces which took place in Romania. Mahmoud has been the editor of two Recycling Art Festivals in Qazvin-Iran, has held two solo exhibitions in Tehran and one in Korea. In Canada his work was included in the CONTACT Photography Festival exhibition and at the Lithuanian Three Worlds in One exhibition curated by Edward Lucie Smith.

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04_ARTIST_Imke-RustImke Rust (Namibia / Germany) grew up in the Namibian desert, moving to Germany in 2010 to work as a land and multi-media artist. Imke regularly travels back to her beloved country of birth, splitting her creative endeavours between the forests of Germany and the deserts of Namibia.

Completing a Visual Arts degree at the University of South Africa, Imke has twice been nominated as the overall winner of the Standard Bank Namibia Biennale art competition. Through German support and sponsorship she has managed to initiate cultural exchange programs between Berlin and Namibia.

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02_ARTIST_Patrick-Tagoe-Turkson_GhanaPatrick Tagoe-Turkson (Ghana) is no stranger to the South Korean nature art practice, travelling there to participate in nature art events with the Korean Nature Art Association since 2010, including the Geumgang Nature Art Biennale in Gongju. As an artist he engages a wide range of media which includes drawing, painting, video, mixed media, performance and sculpture. Patrick has also exhibited in Ghana, South Africa, Austria, Italy, Germany, Romania and Haiti.

Graduating from the College of Art, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Kumasi, Ghana, Patrick Tagoe-Turkson became a practicing artist, senior lecturer, head of the painting department, and vice dean at the School of Applied Arts, Takoradi Polytechnic. His book, 'Asafo Flags with a Difference: Painting with Effutu Asafo Flag Art', provides in-depth knowledge in traditional Effutu Asafo flag art culture, and explores new methods of making Effutu Asafo flags. Other publications include 'Inspiration from Nature', 'Stone Stimuli', and 'Telling Stories Through Fabric'.

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07_ARTIST_Ulrika-SparreUlrika Sparre (Sweden) is a multi-media installation and performance artist who employs sculpture, photography, film and sound. Central themes in her work include the perception of nature, the quest for a higher truth, and a journey into spiritual experiences beyond the confines of religion.

Ulrika studied at Konstfack (University College of Arts, Craft and Design) in Stockholm and the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. She has exhibited at Färgfabriken in Stockholm, Reykjavik Art Museum, Gallery Niklas Belenius, Växjö Konsthall, Stene Projects and the Interactive Institute. Ulrika has also performed a number of her projects outside the gallery in the public arena.

Ulrika Sparre is the recipient of the Becker Art Award (2008), the Stockholm City Cultural Award (2012) and a two year working grant from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

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06_ARTIST_Marie-GayatriMarie Gayatri (Sweden) works as an educator and artist, participating in more than 35 Nature Art projects around the world since the mid-1990’s. She has travelled to Mongolia and the Atacama Desert in Argentina, and ended up at the first international curators’ Nature Art Conference in South Korea in 2013. In 2014 she published ‘Locating Art Out of Doors – A Handbook for Educators’ and in 2016 she was invited to Cambodia as an educator for teachers and schoolchildren.

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