Global Nomadic Art Project


8 September - 6 October 2016

#GNAP2016 #StoriesOfRain #SouthAfrica

Stories of Rain traces the legacy of the first nomadic peoples of southern Africa.

Local artists guide international artists through varied landscapes and world heritage rock art sites across South Africa, creating temporary nature art responses along the way.

Nature art is a non-destructive ephemeral art practice that uses natural materials and structures found at a chosen site to construct or perform a temporary artwork. Its practice engages meditative processes in preference to formal considerations, and artists will often repeat the same forms at different locations.

Beach art interventions with found materials.

Nature art interventions at Western Cape Land Art gatherings in Sandy Bay (Hout Bay) and Windmill Beach (Simons Town) by Janet Botes and Bridget Woods.

In this time of palpable climate change, humanity finds itself at the cusp of profound natural and cultural transformation. The dual disciplines of creative imagination and mediated thinking employed by artists can offer valuable insight during this time of transition.

The Global Nomadic Art Project, initiated by the YATOO Nature Art Association of Korea, offers artists the opportunity to influence and explore contemporary cultural attitudes towards nature, providing alternative avenues of understanding and insights into past legacies. The Site_Specific Collective is proud to host this event in South Africa. An educational tour led by the Outreach Foundation Boitumelo Project is funded by the National Lotteries Commission.

LAUNCH: 8 September 2016, 17h00

Steven Sacks of the Origins Centre at Wits University in Johannesburg is launching the Stories of Rain - Global Nomadic Art Project on Thursday 8 September, starting at 17h00. Yattooi and Site_Specific Collective team members will introduce themselves, the artists, and the Stories of Rain Global Nomadic Art Project to the public. Details available on our facebook event page:


As artists travel across the country they will participate in public events along the way - from presentations to workshops to land art sessions with local artists and interested parties. Details and relevant links will be posted here as they are finalised:

SYMPOSIUM: 5 October 2016, 08h00-16h00

Artists are traveling across the country and will all end up in Cape Town at the end of their trip. A one day symposium on land and nature art will be held on the 5th of October 2016. Details to be confirmed. Be sure to follow our facebook project page for regular updates.

EXHIBITION: 6 October 2016, 18hoo

At the end of this journey participating artists prepare their documentation and art installations for exhibition in Cape Town. Stories of Rain, GNAP 2016 will open on Thursday 6 October 2016 at 18h00. Venue: the AVA Gallery, Cape Town. MAP: Google. Please note this is a one-night-only presentation. Be sure to follow our facebook event page:


Land and nature art as a practice is about more than the exercise of artistic expression. At its core is a deep appreciation that our world is in a state of crises. A project like the Site_Specific Collective and the invested support it receives from the art, science, tourism and private sector of our society is testimony of the fact that their is a great need to reconsider our lost relationship with nature.

With thank all those who've stepped forward to participate, receive and host our international guests.


The Site_Specific Collective is a volunteer based initiative, relying on the contribution and assistance of enthusiastic participants and supporters. If you wish to contribute or offer your support to this project, please contact us.


Local artists are taking international artists along various nomadic routes across the country in small groups. These routes are determined by the artist electing to host each route, and regional support received along the way. Workshops and presentations will take place en route, and regional artists and specialists are invited to join the group for short periods of time.

Some artists are starting in Cape Town, whilst the majority are kicking off in Johannesburg on the 8th of September 2016 at the Origins Centre at Wits University. Please view our schedule for contact details.

Private or sponsored accommodation, transport, food and entrance fee coverage will help keep traveling costs down. If you feel you can be of assistance in this regard, please contact us.



The Outreach Foundation Boitumelo Project is hosting an educational tour thanks to funding supplied by the National Lotteries Commission. Tour hosts Erica Lüttich and the Boitumelo Projects team will be conducting workshops, tours and presentations in collaboration with local community projects in Johannesburg, Pretoria, De Aar, Loxton, Matjiesfontein, De Doorns and Cape Town. Read more...


As with all our projects, we actively document and share our projects online with our local and international audiences. Please join us on our facebook project page to watch our journey unfold. We’d appreciate your company and online participation. Click here, even if you can’t be there.


Press release, photographs, artwork descriptions & captions available here:


The following links explain more about the project, the organisation, and our relationship with the Yatoo Nature Art Association.

Compiled by the Site_Specific Collective GNAP SA Planning Group under the curatorship of Strijdom van der Merwe.