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Invited Artists

PLETTENBERG BAY • 2013 • SITE_SPECIFIC LAND ART BIENNALE TWO QUESTIONS interview series Join us on facebook at our Site_Specific Art Events page & International Land Art Biennale 2013 event to follow our 'TWO QUESTIONS' interview series with participating artists. International CORNELIA KONRADS (Germany) CORNELIA KONRADS (Germany) was born in 1957 in Wuppertal/Germany and studied philosophy and cultural science. She has been working as a freelance artist since 1998. Her focus is on site specific sculptures – indoors and outdoors; temporary and permanent for public spaces; sculpture parks and private gardens. Konrads has had various expositions, residencies and commissions in Europe, Asia, Australia, and America. These are some of her main achievements – 2012: Schweizerische Triennale der Skulptur Bad Ragaz (Switzerland); 2011: Sculptor on Campus - Visiting Sculptor Program, Cal. State University, Bakersfield (USA); 2010: Public Art Commission for the N8 Cashel - Mitchelston Road, Cahir (Ireland); 2009: Artist in...


Artist-in-Residence : Erica Lüttich


May 2013 • Plettenberg Bay, South Africa Running Fences TRANSFORMING A WATTLE SAPLING INTO AN OLIVE BRANCH compiled by Tanya Pretorius  •  text &  images by Erica Lüttich Kurland community members working on their section of Running Fences, Erica Lüttich's three week Site_Specific residency project during May 2013. Maps show the contours of the land and are criss-crossed by straight lines demarcating boundaries and fences. The lines on maps evoke feelings of barriers and exclusion, and yet simultaneously a sense of invasion and protection. The visual dissecting of land addresses centuries of ownership, spaces of exclusion and inclusion, liberation and war, oppression and loss of ancestral land. Erica Lüttich was hosted by Joan Berning at Eden to Addo while working on her Running Fences residency project for Site_Specific. Along with various groups and communities in and around Plettenberg Bay, Erica explored these themes during May 2013. The completed fences will...


SIDES Programme

The Site_Specific SIDES Programme CALL FOR PROPOSALS Site_Specific International Land Art Biennale 10 - 17 August 2013, Plettenberg Bay Site_Specific hereby invites proposals for contemporary site specific land art works with the focus on using natural materials, aiming to create work that is ephemeral and embracing of the natural beauty of Plettenberg Bay. 20 SIDES ARTISTS The second Site_Specific International Land Art Biennale will take place in Plettenberg Bay 10 - 17 August 2013. This year, Site_Specific will be opening the event to more artists to create their work in Plettenberg Bay alongside the core group of invited artists from Germany, South Korea and South Africa. We realised that there are many artists that want to be part of Site_Specific, although we can only financially support a core group of invited artists. Thus we have decided to invite an additional maximum of 20 artists as a ‘fringe’ group on the...



01 - 03 March 2013, Stellenbosch, South Africa. Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil III Sasol Museum tree installation & Slee Gallery Exhibition Anni Snyman, PC Janse van Rensburg, Andrew van der Merwe & friends will be setting up another 'Tree of Knowledge of Good & Evil' installation at this year's Woordfees festival in Stellenbosch as part of the 'HIERNAMAALS • HEREAFTER' exhibition taking place at the Slee Gallery. This year's water installation is symbolic of tears, whilst drawing attention to the vital nature of water as the MATRIX of life. Mankind's reckless treatment of water through processes such as fracking, amongst many others, is threatening the future sustainability of our land and it's natural water resources. The installation extends the symbolism of 2012's apple installation that drew attention to the abuse of the feminine, to include our culture's destruction of the natural, our land base, mother earth -...


Woordfees 2013

01-10 March 2013, Stellenbosch, South Africa HIERNAMAALS • HEREAFTER Slee Gallery exhibition & Sasol Museum installation The theme of this year's Woordfees is 'HEMELS' = 'Heavenly'. This implies a hereafter, something that has died, or has been lost - at the very least, transformed from an earthly state. Hiernamaals • Hereafter is this transience of the natural world. It is a requiem, a song of mourning (or maybe a wish, a memory). Art may not be able to save the world, but it can honour and protest against an inevitable process of forgetting. The exhibition at Slee Gallery includes works by Angus Taylor, Jan van der Merwe, Hannelie Coetzee, Strijdom van der Merwe, Rina Stutzer, Shany van der Berg, Andrew van der Merwe, Eduard Haumann,  Erica Lüttich, Myfanwy Bekker, PC Janse van Rensburg, Katie du Toit, Janet Botes and Anni Snyman. Site_Specific, South Africa's International Land Art Biennial, will take place in Plettenberg Bay from 10 - 17 August...


2nd International Land Art Biennale

Plettenberg Bay, South Africa Launch Event / 23 May 2013 Site_Specific officially launched it's 2013 International Land Art Biennale at the Circa Gallery in Johannesburg. The Circa Gallery is one of Site_Specific's official sponsors, and we extend our gratitude to their hospitality and support. Invited Artists Site_Specific's second International Land Art Biennale is proud to welcome an impressive list of international, national, and local artists to our second event. Selected_SIDES Artists Due to popular demand, Site_Specific also opened up the land art event to artists wishing to participate at their own cost. The Selected_SIDES Artists programme was designed to accommodate this demand. As an non-profit organisation Site_Specific relies heavily on volunteers and funding to support travel and accommodation costs for invited artists, so we are grateful and pleased to those artists who join us in this all-important event. Land Art Passport The Site_Specific Land Art Passport offers registered participants and...



The Land is the Canvas From 22 – 29 May 2011, 13 artists were invited to Plettenberg Bay to take part in South Africa’s first international Land Art event, entitled Site_Specific. This artist-led project was conceived by Strijdom van der Merwe and Anni Snyman in an attempt to create more opportunity for Land Art in South Africa. Land Art has always occupied a rather distinct space in the art world. Originating in the 1960s, it was considered to be on the fringes of the then radical Conceptual Art movement. Land Art is best categorised as a medium-defined art in the same vein as painting or photography. By its very nature, Land Art is typically created outside the gallery setting; it uses the land as its canvas, and anything from one’s hands to earth moving equipment as its tools. Creating art out of sticks, stones and dirt and leaving it outside, exposed to the elements, means that most projects can only be remembered....


Anni Snyman

By definition Land Art uses the land as its medium. To this end, some Land Artists often enlist the landscape’s natural cycles; the resulting intervention is not an end in itself, rather it births a living sculpture which grows and changes over time. Anni Snyman noticed a particular tree with a redolently anthropomorphic form in Plettenberg Bay. Out of a piece of driftwood found by PC Janse van Rensburg, she carved a head and together they tied it into a nook of the tree. The carving of the head and fashioning it into the tree was only part of the effort required for the sculpture to come to fruition. Only in the years to come would the various stages of Vergestalting come to life. As the head becomes embedded into the tree, the foreign piece of driftwood will no longer look strange, it will become an integral part of the tree. If the head is removed, it will appear as if some portion of the tree...


Site_Specific Collective


The Site_Specific Collective promotes site-specific land and nature art in South Africa. integrating culture & nature We are a collective of volunteers who are passionate about art in nature.  We aim to facilitate and promote a conversation that reconsiders our cultural practices and its impacts on nature, seeking out a collaborative relationship between our human needs and environmental concerns.  Although some land artworks become permanent installations, much of our practice is ephemeral in nature – creating non-destructive, non-invasive, impermanent artworks, temporary installations, performances, and interventions that dissipate as the climate and environment reclaims the work.  Community engagement and collaborations between artists and local residents are central to our process through workshops, presentations, participation and conversation. Land and nature art offers the opportunity to integrate ‘culture’ and ‘nature’, celebrating and honouring those life resources that sustain us, reminding us of the temporary nature of our shared existence. International & National Projects...