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Project Wrap Up: Environmental Art Workshop (free) Saturday 20 September 2014, 13h00 - 16h00 Manie van der Schijff Botanical Gardens, University of Pretoria RSVP katty vandenberghe, Site_Specific & Cool Capital are presenting a wrap-up and nature art workshop at the University of Pretoria botanical garden. Enaba Productions will launch a short art film on the Environmental Art Project (28 July to 28 August 2014). Anni Snyman (Site_Specific) will discuss Site_Specific's 2016 NOMAD project, and initiate a second Nature Art workshop in the botanical garden. Participating artists will be present to give feedback on their respective experiences. The workshop is FREE and open to the public, please confirm your attendance. BRING along some gardening gloves, a small bag to gather materials, a small blade to cut & carve found materials, a camera to take photographs of your nature art works. Share your photographs here and forward your best images to Site_Specific wishes to...


Izanne Wiid, ‘Secret Garden’. This simple and beautiful contribution of butterflies etched into the surface layer of tree bark, a harmless process, has been etched onto a set of trees that form an elf-like circle of solitude. Izanne notes that butterflies are a personification of a person’s soul, representative of rebirth, metamorphosis, and lightness of being. The etchings will remain a permanent part of the trees as they grow, and one can only imagine the delight of the unexpected discovery whilst strolling through the park. Photograph by Gail Scott Wilson.

                1 May 2016 Johannesburg Botanical Garden, Emmarentia #SiteSpecificAfrica As a Land Art organisation, Site_Specific’s objectives are to help raise awareness of environmental and social issues in an attempt to re-integrate nature and culture. #JoziLandArt Site_Specific is pleased to report on its annual land art event in Johannesburg. All of our events are free and open to the public. Background image: Izanne Wiid, ‘Secret Garden’, JOZI Land Art autumn 2014. Photograph by Gail Wilson. Our fourth JOZI Land Art event was opened by Johan Myburg, critic and doyen of the arts, followed by a walkabout during which each artist introduced their work. As is tradition by now, the event ended in a picnic on the lawn. Autumn was well underway with windy spells, falling leaves, and the arrival of a cold front. Around 30 artists created a variety of land and nature artworks in...


Aardklop 2013


23-28 SEPTEMBER 2013, POTCHEFSTROOM, SOUTH AFRICA FESTIVAL ARTIST • LAND ART • RELOCATED by Chris Reinders Festival Artist: Strijdom van der Merwe Strijdom van der Merwe, the world renowned land artist and founding member of Site_Specific was the festival artist at Aardklop 2013. His exhibition, ‘Sculpting the Land’ was housed in the main gallery at North West University and the opening speech was delivered by Johan Myburg, the erudite and eloquent arts editor at Beeld newspaper. The exhibition visually documented Strijdom’s remarkable international career as a land artist. The centre-piece was a web of red twine connecting invisible points in space with maps of Potchefstroom etched by the whimsy of a wind-blown pen and representing the impermanence of land ownership and dispossession. Land Art Installation: Curated by Gordon Froud The Site_Specific land art exhibition at Aardklop was curated by Gordon Froud in the North-West University (NWU) Botanical Garden. The artists...


Community Projects

Land Art Passport • Programmes • Community • Timetable Community projects are an important aspect of Site_Specific's mandate to share and cross-pollinate on knowledge, experience, skills, and networks. Relevant land art mentorship programmes, collaborative art work opportunities, and an influx of national & international art experience provide participants with the insight to enter the local art & tourism industry. These exchange experiences benefit local communities, as well as visiting artists. Erica Lüttich has been with Site_Specific since it's inception in 2011, participating as a community projects co-ordinator and visual artist. This year she is joined by collaborative theatre and physical performance artist Janine Lewis, and Bryan Hansen – an experienced youth leadership workshop facilitator. Participating communities of the Bitou area include Kwanokuthula, New Horizons, Qolweni, Kurland, Harkerville and Kranshoek. Site_Specific is also pleased to welcome LunchBox Theatre who are collaborating on the site-specific performance. Youth Mentorship Programme / 3 & 4...


Supporters 2013


Partners Site_Specific is proud to be partnered with the Eden to Addo Corridor Initiative in their Land Art Route initiative that currently consists of two permanent land art works by Simon Max Bannister (2011 & 2013 participant) and Strijdom van der Merwe (2011 & 2013 participant, Site_Specific co-founder & curator). Sponsors Site_Specific depends on the buy-in and sponsorship of larger institutions to provide the desperately needed funds for  basic operational costs,  invited artists,  community projects,  accommodation & travel, marketing and associated lead-up event costs during 2013. Site_Specific's 2013 programme has been budgeted at about 1 Million (ZAR), 50% of which is sponsored in kind or through free contributions in labour and facilities. Without the help of larger institutions to provide the financial backbone of our programmes, Site_Specific would not be able to operate. We therefore thank the following institutions for their incredible support and input. Beacon Island Resort Bitou Municipality...


Land Art Photography Competition

10 - 25 August 2013 In collaboration with Daron Chatz, Anja Wiehl, and Vanessa Van Vreden who are presenting a Land Art Photography Workshop from 14 to 16 August 2013 at Site_Specific's International Land Art Biennale 2013. DAILY SELECTIONS The overall winning entry gets one free weekend accommodation for two at the Beacon Island Resort in Plettenberg Bay.  Winner to be announced 1 September 2013. On Pinterest Site_Specific Africa #LandArtBiennale Site_Specific is running a land art photography competition. Anyone can upload their own original photographs of art and activities relating to the Site_Specific International Land Art Biennale on Pinterest using the #LandArtBiennale hashtag. Please select a few images images along with a short description of who took the image, what it is of, where and when it was taken, and so on. If your entry does not appear on our pin board within two days, please post your image link...


Selected_SIDES Artists

PLETTENBERG BAY • 2013 • SITE_SPECIFIC LAND ART BIENNALE Join us on facebook at our Site_Specific Art Events page & International Land Art Biennale 2013 event to follow our 'TWO QUESTIONS' interview series with participating artists. Due to Popular Demand After a very successful land art event in 2011, the Site_Specific team set about selecting it's next round of invited artists for 2013. Several 2011 participants were included to bring a sense of continuity to the next event, and an impressive new list of invited artists joined the 2013 event. However, so many requests came through from a wide range of artists and land art practitioners who wished to take part in the next event, and were willing to do so at their own cost. Site_Specific responded by drawing up the Selected_SIDES programme which invited artists to submit their land art event proposals. The following list of artists were selected...


Artist-in-Residence : Strijdom van der Merwe

22 July - 8 August 2013 • Plettenberg Bay, South Africa Calling the Herd EDEN TO ADDO LAND ART WORK This exciting interactive land art work in the Keurbooms Corridor consists of several trumpet-like funnels combined in a tree shape. Visitors can blow these trumpets - recalling the sounds of elephants on their ancient migration route across the mountains. Symbolically this art work relates to the three elephant sculptures of Aartmoeders - calling them (and all humans that can hear the call)  to join in the Eden to Addo journey towards re-establishing nature's ancient routes for all species. This artwork was unveiled on the 11th of August 2013 as part of Site_Specific's 2nd International Land Art Biennale opening event in Plettenberg Bay. 'TWO QUESTIONS' with Strijdom van der Merwe As part of Site_Specific's facebook posts katty vandenberghe interviews Strijdom in her 'TWO QUESTIONS' interview series. Q: Leading up to the main...


Public Programme

Land Art Passport • Programme • Community • Timetable The Land Art Biennale event includes public programmes for visitors and participants to engage in during the week of 10 - 17 August 2013. As artists are working on setting up their various land art installations, visitors will be able to observe their progress and attend public lectures and performances. Visitors can also register and participate in Site_Specific's Public Programmes. Also visit our Community Projects page for more calendar events and insights into the various community projects taking place before and during this event. Please note that these programmes are subject to change depending on funding and public interest. To keep track of updates and developments, join our Site_Specific Land Art Biennale 2013 facebook event page. Play an ACTIVE role in making this Biennale the best, and PLETT the LAND ART DESTINATION in Africa! Site_Specific thanks you for your participation! Invited...


International Land Art Biennale

Site_Specific International Land Art Biennale 2013 Plett landscape the stuff of fine art by Tessa Kruger South Africa's second Site_Specific International Land Art Biennale will be presented by some of the most influential artists in land art — both internationally and locally — in Plettenberg Bay in September this year. The event will feature a range of unusual artworks made from natural materials found in the surrounds by 16 accomplished land artists. Set in the natural environment near the Beacon Island Hotel, the artworks will explore the relationship between nature and people, while increasing awareness of both conservation and the beauty of the area. What is more, visitors to the event will have the opportunity to witness the making of the art in the run-up to the Biennale's celebration day. Visual curator of the event, Strijdom van der Merwe, says this second land-art event promises to be an enriching experience,...