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"Communitas is a Latin noun referring to an intense community spirit characteristic of people experiencing liminality together. Liminality is described as the transitional state between two phases, a void where individuals are “betwixt and between”. This moment takes community to the next level and allows the whole of the community to share a common experience, usually through a rite of passage, sometimes through an ordeal such as war, or through working together towards a great goal – building a cathedral or sharing a pilgrimage."  – Anni Snyman, 2011 catalogue extract from 'The Elephant Rider'.

The following local artists participated in the 2011 Site_Specific event. More about each artist and artwork will be posted in due course:

  • Myfanwy Bekker
  • Matthew Brouckaert
  • Zane Coetzee
  • Ingrid Coerlin
  • Willie Gouws
  • Angus Greig
  • Amos Lwana & the KwaNokuthula Land Art team
  • Darren Lyon
  • Fanie Möller and Lello Incendiario
  • Kate Muller
  • Klaus Oppenheimer
  • Dee Pelham-Reid
  • Marty Reddering
  • Malcolm (Salty) Solomon
  • Stephen Rosin